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How to Go From Forklift Job to Logistics Manager

From transportation to manufacturing and warehousing to construction, there are a number of industries and opportunities for forklift jobs all over the world. As a forklift operator you are in charge of the precise storing, receiving and transportation of products to meet your employer’s requirements and needs on the job site. 

Forklifting jobs are not only excellent careers, they are also considered gateway jobs that can lead to substantial growth and opportunity with a bit of career planning, hard work and know how.

One example of career advancement for a forklift operator is becoming a logistics manager. A logistics manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of the job site, inventory, material handling and coordinating or planning the schedule for workers, vendors and more. 

If you begin a job as a forklift operator and find that you’d also enjoy the opportunity to pursue the position of being a logistics managers here is a list of some of the most common leadership traits to acquire and master to help you land the job.

Demonstrate Excellent Time Management Skills

For planning and managing logistics, you have to be punctual in everything you do. Time management is displayed to an employer through arriving at least 15 minutes early prior to your shift and working hard to complete your assigned tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Think Outside the Box 

Being a creative and assertive thinking machine will make you stand out against your team and also shows great leadership skills that an employer can trust. Applying reasoning and logical thinking is a simple way to demonstrate your ability to solve problems and get things done quickly.

Stay Alert and Ready to Respond

One of the fastest ways to garner the right attention from your employer is through always being ready to tackle new tasks. As a logistics manager, you’ll be dealing with a lot of moving parts on a constant and daily basis. Being alert and ready to spring into action – no matter how unexpected – demonstrates that you can operate well under pressure and still get things done.

Show Team Building Skills

Supervision, coaching and training of the workforce is the responsibility of the logistics manager, therefore, showing team building skills will prove to be beneficial in your career advancement. Be the go to person for your peers as you work to motivate, develop and lead them to success on the job. Also, if you can identify the strengths of each team member and leverage them to maximize productivity it demonstrates to your employer that you are able to lead your team to success and productivity. 

Hone Your Leadership Qualities

Being a leader is not just about giving orders or demanding that things get done. It starts with building trust and relationships that inspire people to follow you. As you work to position yourself for career growth remember that you have to create a delicate balance. You have to strive for being more than a leader and not a boss. There should be a charisma in your personality and friendliness. Start making your core values at work: competence, empowerment, loyalty, and integrity to become the best leader. 

From Forklifting to Management

To make the leap to logistics manager from your forklift job begin with being the best forklift driver that there is. Then continue to hone your management skills through continued education or taking advantage of employee training programs and initiatives. Ultimately, your hard work and persistence will be the key to success in your career. The journey from the forklift operator to logistics manager may be challenging but fruitful for sure. Good luck!

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